Babled Easy Chair by OFFECCT


The BABLED Easy Chair, inspired by the DEN CHAIR by Babled, has been developed with swedish brand Offecct into a commercial seating furniture, that will be admired for its beauty as much as for its comfort and function in various public spaces.

Inspired by the contrast between fragility and resilience, the piece defines a place in a somewhat cinematic way. While the flowing lines of the soft shell invite you to lean back and stick your legs out in a relaxed way, it also protects you and gives you a sense of control and coolness while swirling around, surveying a room in 360 degrees.

An organic form has been made into an upholstered seat, which is attached to a swivel base on one end of a rectangular foundation made of Corian© or wood.

Babled Easy Chair by OFFECCT at Salone Milan 2019 – Palazzo Litta