Limited Edition

49 Unique Artworks + 9 AP /

10 Unique works signed in roman number

Working in the furnace often means to seize the moment, it takes an instant to crystalize materials and colors perennially.
That is what happens during Emmanuel Babled’s direction, when Masters create the Pyros artworks. Surfaces become memories that recall colors. Color is threw on glass as a meteorite, following the artist’s intuition and recalling the movements of the Action painting.

Fast gestures, team work and the overlapping of unique colors, carefully selected from the VENINI palette, are the main features of this amazing artwork that embodies light and emotions. Pyros artworks express the perfect symbiosis between VENINI’s unique craftsmanship and the author’s creativity.

Each Pyros is a unique artwork that symbolizes a unique day at VENINI, with its masters, colors and contemporary inspiration.
Pyros is a limited edition, dated on the same day of its production.

Work in progress

  • Pyros - 2016